Oso Booko Not: It's Osso Bucco!

I really laughed out loud after learning that instead of Osso Bucco, some peeps actually Google Oso Booko! Well, I guess they meant the same thing as the Osso Bucco but this is how you spell it, O-S-S-O B-U-C-C-O. Oso Booko or Osso Bucco, I'm sure it's one delicious dish!

The literal meaning of it is "hole bone" (osso 'bone', buco 'hole'). Osso Bucco is actually a Milanese Braised Veal Shank. It is usually cooked with gremolata, a mix of parsley, garlic and lemon peel, and served with risotto alla milanese, a risotto enhanced with saffron threads.

Oso booko or Osso Bucco? It's up to you!


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