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Are you looking for a Krista Ranillo Video? here are so many videos with Krista Ranillo all over the web. There are the videos of trailers from Krista Ranillo's movies, alleged videos of her and Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, the video of Mocha Uson with Krista, which was not released for public viewing because of the lack of Krista Ranillo's consent. Now what exactly is the Krista Ranillo video hat you are looking for?

Before we view the videos of Krista, let's get his straight. You are suddenly interested with Krista Ranillo videos because of the alleged Krista-PacMan affair, aren't you? It's not really surprising, you know, o find out that people were suddenly aware of Krista. AT LAST, we are aware of her. Because from my point of view, Krista spent almost all her life being an actress, but she never made it to stardom.

Now, do you think these most-wanted Krista Ranillo videos will be her road to stardom? I don't think so.

Before I forgot, here is the Krista Ranillo video hat I promised. Hope you won't get disappointed.

It's a TV Ad for Bench way back when Krista Ranillo videos were still this wholesome!


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