After The Bookmarklets, Here Comes The Mafia Wars Autoplayer!

Every Facebook Mafia Wars gamer I know have already discovered the use of Mafia Wars Bookmarklets. But a friend told me that he's been using another form of cheat in Mafia Wars, and it's not the bookmarklets, it's called the Mafia Wars Autoplayer.

First, I'll have this semi-formal introduction about this Facebook App, Mafia wars. It is a popular game in Facebook where you build a Mafia and aim to be the Facebook's largest Mafia ever known. This application was created by Zynga, the famous FarmVille, Roller Coaster Kingdom and Cafe World creator.

Like any other Facebook game, Mafia Wars can be cheated, either by using Mafia Wars Bookmarklets or by this newcomer Mafia Wars Autoplayer. This cheat can make you calculate efficient job, auto job, auto rob, auto buy properties, auto heal and the works! Try it! It's great!

How can you make Mafia Wars Autoplayer work?

  1. In Firefox, install Greasemonkey.
  2. Go to Facebook Mafia Wars Autoplayer and download this application.
  3. Restart your Firefox.
  4. After Firefox had reopened, you can now see Mafia Wars Autoplayer installed ion your toolbar. Make sure to get the bots at work by clicking Autoplayer settings.
  5. If the bot got stuck, just refresh the page.
  6. If you happen to encounter a problem with the bot, uninstall Greasemonkey script and reinstall again.
If there shall be any form of problem regarding Mafia Wars Autoplayer, kindly leave a comment. Enjoy Mafia Wars!


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