Facebook Roller Coaster Kingdom Cheats| EXP Hack

From my previous post about Facebook Roller Coaster Kingdom Coin Cheat, we learned how to hack the coins. This post is all about gaining more experience points or EXP. Like what I've said earlier, Roller Coaster Kingdom is a Facebook app where you can build your own theme park and watch it grow as you earn more coins and EXP.

So, how can you hack Roller Coaster Kingdom EXP? Watch this video:

Now that you know how to cheat EXP points in Roller Coaster Kingdom, you can now use it to have a level up. Once your level elevated, you can have more privileges and upgrades available.

Like any other game, cheating is somehow acceptable but really illegal. Using cheats and hacks can cause termination of your Roller Coaster Kingdom account, or even your Facebook account. The cheat can also backfire and can cause your EXP level to drop. Cheat at your own risk. Enjoy playing Roller Coaster Kingdom!


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  1. nah stupid idea! if you want to level up easily you just drop some cotumer to your neigborhoods in rollercoaster kingdom thats only how its done i got max level for doing that!!!


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