PBB Will Do Japan's Pamaypay Boys

T-Back or Skintone? This is the question answered by Pinoy Big Brother Double Up housemates when "Kuya" asked them what will they wear for their version of Japan's Pamaypay Boys. PBB Housemates will have this task and their challenge is to perform a'la Drinkin' Boyz!!!
Drinkin' Boyz is a Japanese group and is very popular here in the Philippines as the Japan's Pamaypay Boys. In that video with "pamaypay" or fans, they were totally undressed and dancing to the tune of their song! Hilarious and very entertaining at the same time.

While waiting for that PBB Double Up version, let's watch Japan's Pamaypay Boys Video!




  1. Lolz, cute!! ^-^ Love those cherry blossom flowers the beginning of the video!!

  2. hi you-vies! Seen the PBB version last week? They haven't perfected it, eh?


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