Globe Immortal Promos for Selected Subscribers?

Last night, I received a Globe Advisory stating:
You're one of the selected subscribers who can still use our IMMORTAL promos! For P15, get IMMORTALCALL+, 50 texts+ 5 min calls to Globe/TM. Text IMMO15 to 8888 to register. For P20, get IMMORTALTXT, 75 texts to Globe/TM + 10 texts to other networks. Text IMMO20 to 8888 to register. You may register only once for each of the 2 promos til 8/15. P5 maintaining balance is needed.

I tried it today and I was registered to IMMORTALCALL+ indeed, but true to their words, I was only able to register once.

To those lucky subscribers who were chosen to receive this "reward", don't wait, register for IMMORTAL promo now! While it is back, but not for good....


1 comment:

  1. yes! i am one of the selected subscribers! thanks Globe! :)


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