Car Town Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Car Town is a Facebook App where you get to collect and customize your favorite cars and trucks. You can join your friends on a road trip in their ice cream truck or blow the doors off your friend's custom sports car in a drag race. Hire your friends and put them to work for you. Make them do everything from wash your cars or install car stereos and ejection seats. Customize your place by painting the walls, buying fun furniture, personalizing your avatars, and of course filling it with awesome cars!

Car Town Cheats, Tips and Tricks

This post is not really a cheat post like my other entries. This is generally a tips and tricks for Car Town- kind-of-post. I've found these tips from the Car Town official blog.

Here are some FAQs regarding Car Town Tips and Tricks:

Q: How do you earn coins in Car Town?
A: You can do bay jobs in Car Town. There is a menu for bay jobs selection that you can find in there. This way, you'll earn more coins.

Q: How do I earn Experience points or XP?
A: You can earn XP by buying or pimping your car and spending at least 100 coins. Doing work bay jobs can also earn you XP or experience points.

Q: How to level up fast in Car Town?
A: You can level up fast if you earn more XP in a short period of time. One tip is to do work bay jobs that requires a short time span or to buy or customize your car/ truck more frequently.

Q: How do Test Drives work?
A: Car Town gives you multiple opportunities to try cars before you buy. At various levels you can select one car among three to test drive for one week. Go ahead modify the car, upgrade its performance; put new wheels or graphics on the car. To keep it all you have to do is race and beat your friends during the test drive.
At Level 3 you have to win 25 races in one week.
At Level 13 you have to win 50 races in one week.
At Level 25 you have to win 75 races in one week.

As of now, NO WORKING cheat for Car Town known. If you want to succeed in playing Facebook Car Town, you might as well try to do these Car Town tips and tricks.



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