'Mystery Shampoo' Has Come in The Philippines!

Have you seen the new "Mystery Shampoo" TVC? It shows some white bottles of shampoo and conditioner (the upside down one). A couple of years ago, there's a promo in the US like this. The shampoo brand gave away samples to try. The 'Mystery Shampoo' came out to be Head and Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo and Conditioner. But maybe it's different here in the Philippines (oh, how I wish!)

I wonder if it will be the same product that holds that Mystery Shampoo promo. The celebrity endorser is Andi Eigenmann, so I'm betting between Pantene (which the actress endorsed recently) and Head and Shoulders. Joining Andi are celebrities Erich Gonzales, Empress Schuck; media personalities like Daphne Osena-Paez and Ana Kalaw; and some fellow bloggers.

You can secure a sample (90 ml shampoo and 90 ml conditioner) by registering online thru their website, www.mysteryshampoo.com. You can also have a chance to win a Blackberry Bold **drools**, Ayala EGCs, IPod Shuffles, and more! All you have to do is register and ask for a sample pack, you can also multiplr your entries by inviting friends to join the promo.

What are you waiting for, visit www.mysteryshampoo.com now and have a healthier and more beautiful hair in just 14 days!



  1. wala p rin ung free sample ko.. na reveal n ung product :(

  2. hey susi! i just wanna ask if you have any idea re: free samples from pantene.

    we registered online when the mystery website was still up. after 2 weeks, i mustered the courage to call their hotline. they said wait 3-4 weeks. me and another friend i referred the promo to are still groping in the dark.

    i know beggars can't be choosers but the idea doesn't just justify it. are the samples still coming? help! calling pantene?

  3. hi! I still haven't received my samples! I don't know if dadating pa or what! Hello PAntene?

  4. Yehey!! I already Received the sample of myster shampoo I can't believe it superr tnx to pantene

  5. wow. that's great! I received an email from Pantene saying that they're going to ship the samples soon. Crossing my fingers for my lot! Thanks for the info!


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