Better Life Virtual World

Can you make a better life out of a virtual world? Better Life Virtual World is a 4.5-minute flick. It is derived from the popular virtual world Second Life.

Here's some excerpt from an article about Better Life Virtual World:

The virtual world that we know of by many a names but the most popular amongst of them that millions of its fans know up of is the world that we know of as the Second Life and this time round this virtual world is getting its very first own movie made entirely from the worlds own props named up as the Better Life Virtual World.

The very length of the Better Life Virtual World is merely around four and a half minutes approximately but the main thing that differs it from all is that it has been mainly made just out of the props within the Second Life. The very creator of the Better Life Virtual World is the Rob Wright from the United Kingdom who within his very own community in the Second Life is as well known up as the Robbie Dingo.

Better Life Virtual World will make us see how a man can create an ideal world for him to stay. Who wouldn't want a world so perfect we would like to live in it forever? Only a Better Life Virtual World can do that.

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