Cafe Life Hints, Tips and Tricks (Non-Cheat)

Love Starbucks? You'll love Cafe Life as well. Cafe Life is a Facebook application were you get to build your own coffee shop, serve coffee-based drinks and create delicious confections such as cupcakes, tarts, macarons, and more!

With decoration styles ranging from Victorian to Modern, you can design and customize a unique cafe with your own sense of style and flair. Invite your friends to play Cafe Life and compare your designs with your friends' cafes.

Cafe Life Tips and Tricks:

  • Like any other Facebook game, Cafe Life is a social game, meaning, you'll need (but you don't have to) to invite your friends to be your neighbors on Cafe Life.
  • Visit your friends' cafes everyday to earn coins.
  • Give your friends gifts. I'm sure you'll receive something back.
  • Gifts can be food items that can be sold and will eventually earn you more coins.

Enjoy playing Cafe Life! I hope these Cafe Life Tips, Tricks or Hints (or whatever you wanted to call the) help!See, you don't need to use any Cafe Life Cheats to be able to move forward in this game.

Cafe Life is created by Icebreak Games.



  1. Im wanting a cheat for Cafe life to get more money can you find me one please :D

  2. cheating won't get you anywhere in life so you might as well stop cheating now.

  3. but this is not life :D
    we are not cheating life only it's games :P

  4. fuck up you gimp they ent cheats i will tell you one
    make numerous facebook accounts and send gifts to yourself at the moment you can send movie cameras which sell for 1666 coins each so keep sending them to yourself and you will be absolutely loaded in a few days
    whoever made this page can go fuck theirselves and stop spamming and phishing fuck off you gimp

    i also have another tip dont put coffee machines on counters put them on tables intead for more counter space

  5. Im kind of disapointed in these "hints" because the game tells you all of these things once youve logged in, anyone who plays the game could of figured it out with out your help also to the people cursing on here, only like 5 people will ever see it so your not really cool for it

  6. hi i am just a girl on facebook and tried to find cheats for cafe life and thanks to you cause the other websites i visited wasted my time hehe :)


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