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Reading has been one of my luxuries. I am the one who browse bookstores and take off with a number of books after several hours. I gave up Farmville and Cafe World but I will never give up my love of books. I'm from Bataan so I'm not really capable of visiting a National Bookstore or Powerbooks branch every now and then. But I visit 2 BookSale branches (Vetaf's and Pandayan) here in our province.

BookSale ( offers wide variety of hard-to-find copies for a fraction of the price because they sell pre-read books. I don't mind reading used books. In fact, I feel smarter whenever I buy something decent for less than a hundred pesos. I acquired a trade paperback copy of Memoirs of a Geisha for P50, a first edition of The Cider House Rules for P75 and recently, a hardbound Angela's Ashes for P150, all in immaculate conditions.

But not all books are available there, sometimes, I have to purchase books from some Multiply online sellers. Favorite sites include:

If you want something new and something recent, you can search Philippines' leading bookstores like:

My recent online book purchase was with National Bookstore. I'm planning to buy a book from Fully Booked through Tradeport AND I am yet to pay some reserved books from Life is a Bookpage. Seems like I'm having a broke summer but will read aplenty! Happy book-hunting!



  1. thank you. your post is very helpful.. a lot.. wer on the same boat.

  2. hi, i was researching about more lists of online bookstore here in the philippines and stumbled here. thanks for the added info since shopping online is becoming one of my hobby.

    PS. I dont know if this will sound spammy, but since you love books also, maybe you can check also That is where I got my Hunger Games Boxed set. :)

  3. thanks! very informative!

    I tried too. You can buy both used and brand new from this site. very nice


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