Not My Kind of Drama

It's a bit early for me to judge, I know. But after two days of watching Judy Ann Santos' comeback teleserye , Habang May Buhay, it already left me "unstable". Yes, unstable, just like Gina Alajar's character here. It's really not my kind of drama. I don't want to sound like an anti-Juday here (I admire her, really), but this series feels soooo heavy, with lots of complications, tears, shouting and melodramatic "Ngayon, umikot na ang mundo" kind of dialogues. I can feel right from the very start that Habang May Buhay will be very Mara Clara-like. A story that doesn't really exist, and will not exist whatever you do.

Just my two cents.


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  1. nice,tamang-tama para sa katulad q


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