2010 Philippine Elections Sample Ballot

The May 2010 election is just a few months away. Why don't we practice shading? :) I-shade na natin ang bilog na hugis itlog!

There are sample ballots that can be downloaded from COMELEC's official site. COMELEC advises that we download it and practice with the shading thingy. As a matter of fact, practicing can help. Shading is an important factor. Validity of your vote will depend on how you shade those ovals beside a candidate's name. No stray marks on the ballot is allowed. Another important thing is the number of ovals you have to shade in a section. For the President, you must choose only one candidate, and shade that candidate's oval. The same goes with the Vice-President. For Senators, you have to choose 12, and for the Party List, you choose only 1.

For more information, you may visit comelec.gov.ph, there are links there where you can download sample ballots in PDF format.



  1. we all know that politics is a dirty game...so we must vote wisely madlang people.....by letty of tarlac....

  2. wag nga kaung manira sa lhat ng tumatakbo!!!!!!!! be fair panindgan nyo ung mga sinasabi nyo

  3. May 9, 2010

    i've just visited COMELEC's officail website "comelec.gov.ph" and to find out that the sevice is unavailable? what kind of official website of the government is that? how could the COMELEC help us through the use of their "website".

  4. yung website ng Comelec lagi ngang under maintenance nitong election period. Na hindi naman dapat, dahil naturingan pa namang Commission on ELECTIONS pero wala sila sa ere.

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