The Jollibee Coca Cola UAAP Limited Editon Bottles

Did I woke up way too late this morning or what? Because if not for an ad on the 2009 Samsung UAAP Cheerdance Competition, I wouldn't be able to know all about these gorgeous stuff: The Jollibee Coca-Cola UAAP Limited Edition Bottles!!!

jollibee Coke UAAP bottles
photo credit: briankingkong

See? They're gorgeous! At least gorgeous for me, for I'm so deeply in love with Jollibee and Coke and have a crush with UAAP, too. hehe ^^,

How to get your Coca Cola UAAP Bottles?
Well, E-A-S-Y! Just have your Jollibee Value Meal Double Go Larged! And when I say Double Go Large, that means make your Coca-Cola product (Coke, Sprite, etc.) and your fries upsized. So, you have to order a Value Meal that has Jollibee French Fries on it, or it will never be a Double Large...ever! Get it? And when you've done that, they will give you a bottle... for FREE! Yey! What are you waiting for? Grab your Jollibee Coca Cola UAAP Limited Edition Bottles now! oh, me, I'm waiting for the rain to stop. I know yah want me, yah know I want yah! I know yah want me, yah know I want yah! hehehe. crazy.


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