The F Girls Reunite!

1999, when we first saw Daphne, Cher and Angel sitting on that ADORABLE couch, chatting about everything and anything with that Fantastic Plastic Machine theme as the background music. It was 2003 when Cher Calvin decided to pursue a broadcasting career in the U.S. and she was replaced by the equally gorgeous Amanda Griffin. I never thought I would see the original Fab 3 together once more....

F Reunion Episode
Fast forward to 2009, thanks to Olay Total Effects, we will be seeing Daphne Osena, Cher Calvin and Angel Aquino together again in a special F episode. The F Girls Reunion: Ten Years After will be aired on September 27, Sunday on ABS-CBN after TV Patrol Linggo.



  1. Where can I watch the reunion special? There's no electricity last night. Thanks

  2. Hi Anne, I'm not really sure if F reunion is available online or if they are giving it a re-run. I will let you know if there's an online video of this. thanks for visiting!


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