Tattoo Barbie|Photo

Tattoo Barbie available now!

It's not Angelina, it's Barbie! Just in time for spring, Mattel released "Tattoo Barbie" or "Totally Stylin' Tattoo Barbie" ($23). It's Barbie with a tattoo! Would you imagine Barbie lying on a tattoo shop bed, having her arm or belly done? Well, for me, Barbie is too old for tattoo, and if I were that age, I'll be having my retirement, not a tattoo! LOL. But Barbie's still selling, now that Bratz's gone, there's no other choice but to have Barbie. Look at Barbie's pic here:


Really, I cannot stand Barbie having a tattoo! She's old enough for a cane!

Tattoo Barbie|Photo


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