SmokeEaters San Jose|Smoke Eaters Hot Wings!!!

Let's see if you'll enjoy Smoke Eaters in San Jose!

Smoke Eaters is a very popular diner near San Jose State University. This place was formerly known as Cluck U, then University Chicken and now SmokeEaters! Smoke Eaters serves fried wings and chicken tenders in almost all sort of sauces! Of course, one can really think about Smoke Eaters after hearing Hot Wings!!! A site had a review of Smoke Eaters in San Jose ( they also has a branch in Santa Clara) and commentators said that Smoke Eaters is indeed a nice place for hot wings and cold beer, but you have to park your car in the street. For sports lovers, there are lots of TVs where you can watch the game of the day. The bathroom is not very clean for their taste, and others say that the floor in Smoke Eaters is very very sticky! Another minus is there are no changing tables, so don't bring a baby in Smoke Eaters!!! Well, the good news is, during Tuesdays, Smoke Eaters has a 50% off of wings! So, I say dig in every Tuesday! Hope you'll enjoy your visit to Smoke Eaters San Jose!

SmokeEaters San Jose|Smoke Eaters Hot Wings!!!



  1. Any ideas why they keep on changing their name?

  2. actually, I have no idea. maybe they just want to. LOL


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