Goodbye Francis M.

Francis Magalona died at 44

It really felt so sad, more than the sadness that I felt after finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, of course. It's like I lose a friend while he is not really a friend but an idol. Something in me doesn't seem right. I felt like as if I lose someone close to me because I’m his fan. Not that buy-those-albums-and-go-to-the-concerts-fan, but I really like him. I liked him for being the person that he was, because he lived his life to the fullest. Who would have thought that a person who died in his 40’s have done so many things. I envy his tattoos for I have none. I admired the way he lead his 8 kids. I admire him. He will be missed. Goodbye and thank you, Francis M.


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