Help Pier Roxas!

Have you seen the 'Pier Roxas' TVC lately? LOL.

Pier Roxas claims to lose his memory and is missing 8 days of his life. I guess this is a Smart/Nokia promo for the N8 series.

So, how can we help Pier Roxas?

You can call 0918-9039000 or follow Pier Roxas on Facebook and Twitter. Yep, he's lost his memory but is still online! :D

Here's Pier Roxas' video:



  1. yeah..i agree with you..and to think that he have a parking ticket..why don't he ask to the wer here park..i guess the ticket ahs an adres on it..

  2. gimik lang yan ng nokia. anu yan? parang ung movie na "the hangover" much..hmpf


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