Batibot Returns Sans Pong Pagong And Kikong Matsing

TV5, also known as the 'Kapatid Network', will relaunch Batibot this coming November. Batibot was created by the Philippine Children's Television Foundation Inc. and first aired in 1984 on RPN9. The show's more popular characters like Pong Pagong and Kikong Matsing were co-licensed by The Sesame Workshop (creator of Sesame Street). Because of this factor, the two characters will not be seen on the new Batibot. Although Manang Bola, the forgetful seer popular for the lines "perlas na bilog...wag kang tutulog-tulog..." will be retained in the new show, TV5 will also introduce new characters.

Batibot first went off air in 1998 because of factors such as declining viewership and licensing conflicts.


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