Selecta Ice Cream Pistachios and Cashews Variant is SAFE for consumption--Unilever Philippines

The very night that I read about the Salmonella Pistachio scare, the first thing I did was write an inquiry to the Consumer Advisory Service of Unilever Philippines regarding the Pistachios and Cashews flavor of Selecta Ice Cream. Really, I think I'm the first one who got scared to learn that there's Salmonella in Pistachio nuts and products. I love Pistachios and Cashew ice cream of Selecta. That's the only flavor that I consume for the past I don't know how many years. Unilever Philippines always answer my e-mails. And here is their response regarding MY Pistachio ice cream Salmonella scare:

Dear Ms. Guillermo,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the subject. To get to the bottom of your queries here is our response.

1. We are confident that our products are not affected because of so many reasons:
- We source our pistachio nuts from Sacramento California specifically from Blue Diamond and Houston nuts.

- What is very important is that these nuts prior to our use in ice cream, they are all roasted by a local supplier up to 325 degrees Celsius which will kill any micro organisms including salmonella.

- This local roasting process practically and clearly ensure that the pistachios we use for our ice cream variant is safe and fit for consumption. This in effect should de couple us from the current concern in US.

- Upon receipt of the locally roasted Pistachio nuts they are subjected to microbiological analysis which includes a test and check for salmonella.

- Prior to its use the roasted pistachios are properly preserved to avoid any contamination.

- All our ice cream finished products including the Pistachio ice cream variant are once more subjected to the same testing and analysis prior to its release to the market.

2. Further steps that we intend to take is to submit to BFAD a Positive Assurance notice that our Pistachio Ice cream variant is safe and has been microbiologically examined throughout the manufacturing process , ie from raw material receipt , roasting and finished ice cream product. We also intend to proactively submit this ice cream variant for BFAD validation test if warranted by the authorities.

Salmonella is a bacteria commonly found in the intestinal tract of animals such as rodents, poultry etc. and they usually transmitted through fecal droppings. Therefore this can be eliminated in the food manufacturing processes via the strict implementation of GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice ) , HACCP ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points ) and proper storage and transport.

Rest assured that the interest of the consuming public is our primary concern.

We do appreciate your inquiry on this matter. For further concerns, feel free to contact Unilever Consumer Advisory Service at (02) 588-8800.

Again, thank you for your continued support and patronage!

Consumer Advisory Service
Unilever Philippines

I'm really glad when I read this, I hurriedly ran to the grocery to buy myself a tub of Pistachios and Cashews Ice Cream from Selecta! Heaven.


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