Cingular/at&t Blackberry 9000 Bold Unlock Codes

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How to unlock and activate a Blackberry 9000 Bold from Cingular-at&t?

Growing up in an "OFW family", I usually have the privilege to experience "things-America", including mobile phones. Cingular Refurbished Phones to be exact. But the main problem regarding a Cingular phone is unlocking it. Of course I couldn't use my Cingular Blackberry Bold 9000 here in the Philippines unless I have the unlock codes, which I don't have. I searched the web for "Cingular Blackberry Bold 9000 Unlock Codes" and "how to activate Cingular Blackberry Bold 9000" but the results offered $25-$30 for Cingular Unlock Codes. And thats too much for me.

My Mom said that those Unlock Codes provided do not really activate your Cingular Phones. She purchase Cingular unlock codes from a site, paid $15 for it and the unlock codes were sent to her email. She followed the intructions thoroughly, but her Cingular phone was still unlocked. As for the Unlock Codes for my Cingular Blackberry Bold 9000, I'll think about it before purchasing. Or maybe I will send my phone to the neighborhood mobile phone technician and see if he could find a way to Unlock my Cingular Blackberry Bold 9000 phone.


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  1. I had found All the Details ,Instructions for the Blackberry 9100 Locked to the Cingular Network US..I had found these instructions in the site Unlocking Codes For the Blackberry.


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