The World of the Hunger Games Now Available for Pre-Order

The World of the Hunger Games is the full-color, informative guide to Panem, the post-apocalyptic setting of the bestselling novel and movie The Hunger Games. This photo/guide book features gorgeous photographs from the movie, making it a rich visual dictionary for the amazingly interesting world that Suzanne Collins created.

The World of the Hunger Games showcases the major players and participants in The Hunger Games, the life and home of Katniss Everdeen, and the perils of the Games themselves — injuries, fire, muttations, and all the rest. A glossary and new quotes from Suzanne Collins herself complete the package. Fans of both The Hunger Games novels and the stunning forthcoming film will treasure this book.

The World of the Hunger Games hardcover book is now available for pre-order on for only $11.42. It will be released the same day as The Hunger Games movie, March 23, 2012. Pre-order a copy now. I heard has now a piled up reservation list. The earlier the better; rather than wait for the next printing. =)


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