ZhyperMu Season 4 Cheats and Tricks

A friend of mine asked me if I know some ZhyperMu Season 4 tricks. My answer is: What in the world is ZhyperMu? Of course, he laughed. He wonders why a person like me, who spend half her day online, one quarter reading and another quarter sleeping, wouldn't know about ZhyperMu tricks or cheats or even the game itself. So, to prove that I'm always "in", I searched and searched and guess what? I found out what ZhyperMu is and now I know why you need some ZhyperMu tricks.

ZhyperMu is an MU online server. MU is a kind of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). By the way, MMORPGs are computer role-playing games in that each player controls an avatar which interacts with other players, completes tasks to gain experience and acquires items. They are massively multiplayer games in that they take place in a perpetual online world with hundreds or thousands of other players.

Many MMORPG gamers look for cheats or hacks to excel in the game that they are playing. Like in ZhyperMu Season 4, players are looking for tips and tricks on how they do this and how to do that, that is why when we google ZhyperMu hacks or ZhyperMu cheats, several gamers' fora come up. The forum members are exchanging tips and tricks in playing ZhyperMu.

Some of the ZhyperMu hacks and cheats that I discovered include Soul Hack, Speed Hack, Agility Hack and Dupe Cheat.

To be able to have such ZhyperMu Season 4 hacks, you can download them from file-sharing sites. I haven't tried downloading the cheats. I'm afraid I'll mess my PC up and come up with some kind of virus or something.

To know more about ZhyperMu Season 4 hacks, cheats and tricks, join a forum like www.gamerzneeds.net or www.gamerzplanet.net. I've read in their posts that some of the forum members share secret ZhyperMu Season 4 cheat codes in exchange of some money.



  1. pano po mag-dupe?

  2. pls always be on watch for my restoration of the dead wahahahaha ur done with n00b! ur time has come !! u will be the one that's crying! XDD

  3. paanu po mag hack ng acc plzz send me my yahoo

  4. sir my i ask a question.. are the given softwares on the site you have said is true???

  5. sir pano po mag dupe at hackz?? send nmn po sa email ko tnx tazzy_dona@yahoo.com

  6. pano mag dupe send s acount q poh( what and how to use dupe) plsss send to my email add jonathanabrogina@yahoo.com

  7. hey sir give me some gold pets


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