Canister Filters: Are They Really Effective?

Aquarists swear in the effectiveness of Canister Filters. But why are these efficient? And what are their advantages and disadvantages?

A Canister Filter is a really powerful and efficient aquarium filter that can do both mechanical and biological filtration. Since it is large compared to other aquarium filter types, canister filter is usually placed under the fish tank. More often than not, canister filter users construct a cabinet under the tank exclusively made to hide the unsightly filter.

How Does it Work?

First, the tank water enters the canister filter through its lid; inside it is a series of chambers with various filter media. The water flows through the chambers until it is free from even the slightest dirt. Then, the biological filtration will take place by running the water through a bacterial colonies medium.


• It is really effective in keeping the water free from tangible particles, no matter how small they are.
• It also works as a biological filter.
• Efficiently works with medium to large-sized fish tanks.


• It doesn’t allow water aeration, so it is sensible to use another filtering method such as an in-tank filter or any other aeration equipment for aquariums.
• It gets really filthy, especially if your tank is a bit dirtier than it should be. A canister filter needs cleaning every once in a while; but remember NOT to clean the biological filter media.

Canister filters are very effective filtration equipment. Just don’t use one if you have newborn fish for the filter will surely suck them. But overall, this is a REALLY GOOD aquarium filter. And to top all that, you can even introduce a chemical filtration media like activated carbon t your canister filter. has a wide range of Canister Filters for sale, with brands like Eheim, Hagen Fluval and JBJ.


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