Choosing a Kitchen Garbage Disposal System

A kitchen garbage disposal system is a very useful tool a home can have. This aids to the proper disposal of wastes by grinding up the food material into smaller particles, enabling them to pass through the plumbing system without causing blockage.

Proper disposal of food waste is essential to maintain cleanliness and hygiene on our homes. Decaying food matter can result to bad and bacteria-ridden air. In addition, improper waste disposal will attract flies, maggots, rats and roaches. It is crucial that you guard your family from bacteria and pests. Installing a garbage disposer will solve these problems.

The thing about garbage disposers is that they come in two major types:

Continuous Feed – saves time because it allows continuous shredding of food waste. The hitch is this method is a bit hazardous since it does not have a cover.

Batch Feed – only allows grinding or shredding of food waste while the cover is on. It is a lot safer than other garbage disposer types, but may take more time to finish a task.

Things to consider in choosing a garbage disposal system:
In-Sink Garbage Disposal System

• Safety – if you do not mind putting in food wastes in batches, then go for a Batch-Feed type. This type of disposer is the safest among the three.

• Efficiency – although all the garbage disposal systems mentioned are effective, some homeowners prefer the continuous type.

• Convenience – the Continuous system is said to be the best of all garbage disposers. This is because you do not have to feed the waste by batches; and it continually grinds them into more disposable particles.

A properly installed and running garbage disposer will surely make any family’s life easier. Always use safety precautions to avoid accidents caused by the disposer’s sharp blades; and follow the instruction manual to keep it running smoothly for years.

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