How to Connect Encore WiFi Router ENHWI-G2 to Globe Broadband Prolink H5200

Step-by-step Guide on How to Link an Encore WiFi Router to your Globe Broadband Prolink H5200 Modem/Router

Are you a Globe Broadband subscriber? Want to have a WiFi connection but didn't know how? Here's a helpful guide on connecting a WiFi router to your modem/router that was provided by Globe Broadband.

This guide is meant for the Globe Broadband Prolink H5200 modem/router, which is what the Globe peeps provided me. It uses WAN configuration connecting thtough the PPPoE protocol with a username and password. (To know what your username and password are, call their service hotline)

1. Make sure that your modem's DHCP server is Enabled.
2. Connect your LAN router port to your PC's LAN card using a primary data cable.
3. Change the Encore router's default LAN IP address from to
4. Disable the DHCP server on your Encore WiFi Router and router's LAN setting.
5. Save settings. Unplug router.
6. Now connect your modem to router. Make sure that you connect the router to any of the LAN ports only and not through WAN.
7. Switch on the router.
8. Set your preferred WiFi username and password.

There you have it! A WiFi connection with your Globe Broadband! Hope your Encore WiFi Router connects successfully with your Globe Broadband!


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  1. what should i do pag gusto kong palitan ang security code ng wifi ko?

  2. This is really a helpful bunch of information. Nowadays, people are wanting a much faster connection.


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