Charice On Glee: It's Confirmed!

Charice Vs. Rachel Berry on Glee? Why not?! It's confirmed! After all the rumors and denials, Charice after all is starring on Glee!Yes, you'll be seeing Charice on Glee!!!

Charice tweeted earlier: "I'm on Glee, let's Party!!!" and now it's confirmed Charice's fans, you'll see the very talented Filipina on next season's Glee. Charice will be playing the role of an exchange student "whose killer vocals get Rachel contemplating murder." Rachel is the character played by Lea Michele.

Reports say that Charice auditioned for a role and she got in, obviously.

The 18 year old singing star from the Philippines, landed on the No. 8 slot on last week's Billboard charts with sales of 42,985 for her self-titled CD. Her first single Pyramid was No. 1 on the Billboard Dance Charts and is currently being played on over 100 radio stations.

I'm sure people will be watching out for Charice on Glee!


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