Watch Bleach Episode 205 Raw Spoiler

Watch Bleach Episode 205 Raw Spoiler

Bleach Episode 205 will be released on February 3! The title of Bleach Episode 205 is "Thump! The Football Tournament of Hollows", well, this is the title if you watch Bleach 205 with English Subtitles. But in the original Japanese version, or commonly known as Raw, Bleach 205 is "Doki! Horo darake no kemari taikai". I have the spoiler video of Bleach 205 raw here. I will update this post once the full video of Bleach Episode 205 "Thump! The Football Tournament of Hollows" English-subbed is made available online. Of course, non-Japanese talking pips like us will look for Bleach Episode 205 with English Subs.
Here is the Bleach 205 RAW spoiler:

Watch Bleach Episode 205 Raw Spoiler

You cannot watch full episode of Bleach 205 (Raw or Subbed) in this blog. Torrent downloads and Rapidshare are not available.


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